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Hummingbirds here until October

A scientist feeds a bird before its release. Photo courtesy of the Sierra Vista CVB

A scientist feeds a bird before its release. Photo courtesy of the Sierra Vista CVB

Hummingbirds migrate through southeastern Arizona every summer… the folks at the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory study the hummers and hold frequent “banding” sessions. You can watch them net, weigh, measure and feed the birds before they are released. You may even get to extend a hand for a bird’s relaunch! Recently, wrote about the practice in their blogs. See their post and learn about the work hummingbird banders do.

For more information or to plan your stay, browse the Cochise County website at or the Sierra Vista website at


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Feng shui or wabi sabi?

I came across a video from Arizona Highways TV today. It’s got cowboy humorist Baxter Black talking about Benson, Arizona, which is about 60 miles from Tucson in the heart of, you guessed it, Cochise County!

He talks about how wabi-sabi is the concept of beauty in imperfection (vs. feng shui, which is how everything needs to be placed “just so”). Amazing to hear a cowboy, a “regular” guy, talk about these trendy concepts. Maybe Mr. Black learned about them on a visit to the Singing Wind Bookshop, located on a nearby working ranch. Or maybe it was on his many travels. The video surely shows that he’s curious and open to new ideas and concepts. It’s also evident that he loves this part of the West.

Take Baxter’s advice and look at the rugged beauty of Benson and the rest of Cochise County!

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The Cochise County blog begins!

The folks at the Cochise County Tourism Council want to give you a few ideas about what to do and see when you visit. That’s why we created this blog. It’s a way for us to talk about some cool stuff that we think you might like. If you have a comment about traveling in Cochise County, please let us know! We want to hear from you, so please sign in and post a comment!

This is a G-rated blog. We’ll post your comments unless you use inappropriate language/content.



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