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This is not your average crafts fair!

I love arts and crafts fairs. I even love the ones where grade school kids create Popsicle stick boxes. The ones I admire most are those where the talent is unparalleled and the items are unique. I’d like to think that I’m talented in many things, but generally speaking, artistic endeavors are not included in my talent pool. Therefore, I search out craftspeople whose genetic makeup steers toward creative originality.

photo by Cathy Murphy

photo by Cathy Murphy

If you, like me, are captured by the exquisite work of artists, then you should note October 4 & 5 on your calendar. Leave the errands and chores and treat yourself to a day enjoying artistic accomplishments. And guys, don’t think this is just for the gals – it’s not all frills and

fluff.  I guarantee you’ll enjoy it too. There are always some intricate woodworking, brilliant photography or elaborate leather tooling artists. And you can sidle off to the terrific food booths!  Great variety and delicious. 

It’s estimated that upwards of 25,000 people enjoy this premier autumn fair — and this year will be the 37th Annual Huachuca Art Association’s Art in the Park. This show is a juried affair, which means that a panel of judges from the Art Association reviews submissions for participation. 

About 250 vendors will be selling their handcrafted items, to include: woodworking, textiles, ceramics and pottery, stained glass, photography, paintings, copper works, dolls, gourmet food and more. Some years ago, I bought a king-sized hand-sewn quilt from a lovely Texas lady. A fine piece of needlework. I never fail to admire it.

October is a beautiful month in southeastern Arizona and Cochise County.  Treat yourself and make October more beautiful by dropping by Sierra Vista’s Art in the Park on Oct. 4 & 5 in Veterans’ Memorial Park.


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Gas card giveaway ends Aug. 29, ’08

You only have 2 more days to enter our contest to win a $50 gas card. Fill out the form, leave a comment, and voila, your name will be entered! The contest ends on Friday, Aug. 29 at 11 a.m., PT. Good luck!

While you’re at it, visit to see what’s happening. Check out the events page and plan a trip!


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Air show in Douglas–more details

Douglas Air Show Poster featuring the Canadian Snowbirds

Douglas Air Show Poster featuring the Canadian Snowbirds

More details have come in on the air show in Douglas on Wednesday, Oct. 1 that I told you about in a previous post. It’s a little over a month away, so put in for a vacation day now. You you can see the precision air acrobatics of Canada’s Snowbirds.

These snow birds are different from what Arizonans usually call “snow birds.” Instead of people (usually retirees) who come from cold climates to enjoy Arizona’s mild, sunny winter weather, these snowbirds are pilots who perform precision feats in the air. They are similar to Blue Angels (the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration team).

Robin, one the owners of the Gadsden Hotel, is wild about airplanes and flying. She comes from an aviation family and culture: she’s a pilot, her husband is a pilot, her stepson is a pilot… you get the idea!

Douglas also has some cool aviation history. Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated the airport in Douglas? It happened in 1928. The following year, Amelia Earhart particpated in the Women’s Air Derby, a transcontinental air race for woman pilots, held at the airport.

They have a small museum at the airport that gives visitors information about Douglas’s history and fascination with airplanes and flying. I’ll bet it will be open during the air show for aviation enthusiasts who want to explore the aviation connection in Cochise County a bit more.

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Howie Mandel at Fort Huachuca Aug. 23

I just found out from a story in the Sierra Vista Herald that Howie Mandel will be performing on Fort Huachuca this at 8 p.m. on Saturday (as in tomorrow!). It’s a free show for the soldiers and anyone age 18 or older is invited.

If you’re in the area, you might want to check that out for some laughs!

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Beer! A German Oktoberfest experience in Sierra Vista

What major fun-filled event involves imbibing massive quantities of beer and eating mountainous amounts of bratwurst? A clue – do you know the tune to the drinking song “Ein Prozit. Ein Prozit, Der Gemutlichkeit”? 

Naturally, you conjure images of huge beer tents where dirndl-garbed beer maidens hoist a dozen or more one-liter mugs of amber lager at the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich. I just learned that these beer-maidens earn about $3,500 (and huge arm muscles, no doubt) for their waitressing skills during the 16-day festival. I wonder how much the lederhosen’d musicians make? 

Back to topic. Munich is the place, but if you don’t have the time or funds to zip over to Munich, then come to Sierra Vista to enjoy our Oktoberfest. 

It’s certainly on a smaller scale, after all how many places can accommodate the almost 7-million visitors that swarm into Munich?  But, the fun and festivities are authentic as are the outstanding food choices.  In my opinion, that goes back to the German word “Gemutlichkeit.” Many say that it doesn’t have an exact translation into English — it’s congeniality, conviviality, good cheer and such.  After having experienced Oktoberfest in Munich, I think it’s all that and more.  It’s the freedom to show one another warmth and friendliness.

I clinked many a stein with folks, whose names I never learned, in the Munich beer tents, as I have at the Sierra Vista Oktoberfest. I’ve sung off-key with many more during the same celebrations. More than the drinking, the swaying, the singing and the eating, it’s fun. Sierra Vista has a large German-American community who annually share with us their most convivial tradition. And you’re invited.

Personally, I’m on a continued quest to decide if I prefer the bratwurst or the schnitzel. 

If you don’t know why Oktoberfest is celebrated or better yet, why it’s called Oktoberfest and held in September, just read on.  In October of 1810, nearly 200 years ago, Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig I (later King Ludwig I) married Princess Therese. And let the celebrations begin! That year, the festivities lasted a mere five days. But five days is not nearly enough time to enjoy the music, the singing, the eating and of course, the drinking. So as the years and the centuries went on, the festivities lasted longer and began earlier to take advantage of the nicer weather in September. So, currently, the 16-day celebration takes place up to and including the first Sunday in October.  

Come, hoist your beer stein, link arms and sway to the music, or even sing along, eat some bratwurst and enjoy the feeling of Gemutlichkeit at the Sierra Vista Oktoberfest on September 12 & 13 in the Veterans’ Memorial Park.

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Congrats to gas card winners… 2 more to go!

Congrats to Naomi and Philip, the winners of our gas card giveaway!

If you are visiting our blog and haven’t entered to win a $50 gas card, you still have two weeks left. The contest will end Aug. 29, so enter now. All you have to do is follow the instructions on our gas card page. Simple!

Good luck, and thanks for visiting!

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It’s Tuesday… time to plan your weekend!

There’s a classic rock song with lyrics you might be familiar with: Nothing matters but the weekend / from a Tuesday point of view! (Heck, it might be your anthem!) I think they are from a song called “This Beat Goes On” by The Kings). 

So, it’s Tuesday… and I say it doesn’t hurt to start planning. Here are a few ideas in Cochise County:

First, in Willcox there’s the annual grape stomp at Coronado Vineyards. This isn’t how they make their actual wine, of course, but it’s a fun event. And, you can sample some of their current wines and have lunch in their dining room with Chef Garry.

You can always count on family fun this time of year at Apple Annie’s in Willcox, too. They’ve got Peach Mania this time of year! They serve pancake with peaches for breakfast, offer free wagon rides all the while, you can wander into the orchard and pick some lucious peaches of your own!

Also, the Friends of the Huachucas will present a discussion at the Carr House about birds in the Sierra Vista region. This will be led by Brian Prescott, a noted birder and photographer.

Speaking of birds, you can see many species birds in the eastern part of Cochise County. Between Willcox and Douglas on Highway 191, you can head east and explore the Chiricahua National Monument and the nearby Chiricahua wilderness. That’s the western slope of the Chiricahuas. There’s also great birding in Portal, on the other side of the Chiricahuas.

So that’s what you can do this weekend. Is it too early to plan for Labor Day weekend? Of course not! Tombstone and Bisbee have events planned. Get started with your reservations or ask for a free vacation guide from the Cochise County Web site!

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