Air show Oct. 1 in Douglas, Arizona

Save the date! I just heard that there’s going to be another free air show in Douglas. In March, their Border to Border air show was a fun day of pilots doing acrobatics.

In October, the Canadian Snowbirds will come to Douglas to perform. it’s a great excuse to take a vacation day from work (it’s on a Wednesday) and see some cool stuff! From their Web site:

The Snowbirds Demonstration Team is a Canadian icon. It’s¬†comprised of serving members of the Canadian Forces. Their pilots and technicians work as a team to bring thrilling performances to the public. As Canadian ambassadors, the Snowbirds demonstrate the high level of professionalism, teamwork, excellence, discipline and dedication inherent in the women and men of the Air Force and the Canadian Forces.

Here are graphics of some of the formations they do. Pretty cool when you think about the speed they fly and how close they are to each other. If you think it’s tough not to bump into people when line dancing, imagine controlling an airplane at 115-370 mph!

I don’t know the time of the show just yet, but it should be worth the trip. Check back for more info!



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3 responses to “Air show Oct. 1 in Douglas, Arizona

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  3. Ed Holton

    The Douglas Municipal Airport is a small rural airport that is just fine for piston powered aircraft and occasionaly one or two jet aircraft. It seems to me that Bisbee-Douglas Airport would be a better choice, for safety reasons, for a whole squadron of high performance jet aircraft as flown by the Canadian Snowbirds. There is more room, and longer runways at BDI. This may very well have been considered already and turned down for reasons decided on by the organizers, but I would be curious to know the reasons. I am an enthusiastic supporter of airshow events in Douglas and plan on being there with my family.

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