It’s Tuesday… time to plan your weekend!

There’s a classic rock song with lyrics you might be familiar with: Nothing matters but the weekend / from a Tuesday point of view! (Heck, it might be your anthem!) I think they are from a song called “This Beat Goes On” by The Kings). 

So, it’s Tuesday… and I say it doesn’t hurt to start planning. Here are a few ideas in Cochise County:

First, in Willcox there’s the annual grape stomp at Coronado Vineyards. This isn’t how they make their actual wine, of course, but it’s a fun event. And, you can sample some of their current wines and have lunch in their dining room with Chef Garry.

You can always count on family fun this time of year at Apple Annie’s in Willcox, too. They’ve got Peach Mania this time of year! They serve pancake with peaches for breakfast, offer free wagon rides all the while, you can wander into the orchard and pick some lucious peaches of your own!

Also, the Friends of the Huachucas will present a discussion at the Carr House about birds in the Sierra Vista region. This will be led by Brian Prescott, a noted birder and photographer.

Speaking of birds, you can see many species birds in the eastern part of Cochise County. Between Willcox and Douglas on Highway 191, you can head east and explore the Chiricahua National Monument and the nearby Chiricahua wilderness. That’s the western slope of the Chiricahuas. There’s also great birding in Portal, on the other side of the Chiricahuas.

So that’s what you can do this weekend. Is it too early to plan for Labor Day weekend? Of course not! Tombstone and Bisbee have events planned. Get started with your reservations or ask for a free vacation guide from the Cochise County Web site!

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