Air show in Douglas–more details

Douglas Air Show Poster featuring the Canadian Snowbirds

Douglas Air Show Poster featuring the Canadian Snowbirds

More details have come in on the air show in Douglas on Wednesday, Oct. 1 that I told you about in a previous post. It’s a little over a month away, so put in for a vacation day now. You you can see the precision air acrobatics of Canada’s Snowbirds.

These snow birds are different from what Arizonans usually call “snow birds.” Instead of people (usually retirees) who come from cold climates to enjoy Arizona’s mild, sunny winter weather, these snowbirds are pilots who perform precision feats in the air. They are similar to Blue Angels (the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration team).

Robin, one the owners of the Gadsden Hotel, is wild about airplanes and flying. She comes from an aviation family and culture: she’s a pilot, her husband is a pilot, her stepson is a pilot… you get the idea!

Douglas also has some cool aviation history. Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated the airport in Douglas? It happened in 1928. The following year, Amelia Earhart particpated in the Women’s Air Derby, a transcontinental air race for woman pilots, held at the airport.

They have a small museum at the airport that gives visitors information about Douglas’s history and fascination with airplanes and flying. I’ll bet it will be open during the air show for aviation enthusiasts who want to explore the aviation connection in Cochise County a bit more.

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  1. Rich Smith

    I happened to be at the March Border to Border Airshow in Douglas, AZ. It was a great event and free! I can only imagine what performance the Snowbirds will put on! Fall is football season here in Alabama but I may hitch up the Airstream and head out to Douglas late September to see the Snowbirds!!!

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