Cyclists conquer Cochise Classic

The Cochise County Cycling Classic was held this weekend, and the cyclists braved remnants of Norbert. Wind and hills were part of the mix, but these men and women can take it! There was a record number of cyclists this year.

The winner of the 252-mile event was Dan McGehee in 12 hours, 45 minutes and 45 seconds. Whoa! That’s a lot of time in the saddle. This is the eighth time he won this race. The Sierra Vista Herald had a great story about the event and his win. Here’s an excerpt:

“McGehee’s name has become so synonymous with winning the race that race officials don’t refer to him by his number anymore. Asking, ‘Where’s Dan?’ over the radio means trying to figure out how close the top cyclist is to completing the course.”

I heard that McGehee rode more than 500 miles in a race the previous weekend, too. Hats off to these ultra cyclists! More unofficial results are posted on their Web site.

Did you ride? Have a story to tell about it? Please let us know how you did. Congratulations to all the riders for completing this challenge!

Another participant shared his story on his personal blog that I came across this morning. He was unlucky enough to have a flat on his 92-mile ride. Bummer! But, he got a great tan! Seriously, though, I’m thinking he needs to remember his sunscreen next year! 😉

Time to start training for next year’s race…


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