Plans for Halloween?

The Arizona Daily Star has a story about paranormal experts posted that will be part of Halloween weekend in Bisbee, in southeast Arizona (specifically Cochise County) on Nov. 1. Do you have your costume picked out for Halloween yet?

There’s a ton of ghost related stuff in Cochise County: ghost towns, haunted hotels and ghost tours. See my earlier post for more information and links. (By the way, I saw the movie Ghost Town, and really liked it. Ricky Gervais didn’t disappoint. He’s such a funny guy. Greg Kinnear also did well. He’s a fellow Hoosier, someone from the state of Indiana.) Apple Annie’s in Willcox has a pumpkin festival going on now that will run through the end of October. they also have a corn maze. From the air, it looks like the design on the Arizona state quarter. 

Apple Annie's

Photo: Apple Annie

I’m outta here. Going to Tombstone for Helldorado Days and then Bisbee for the Stair Climb! Have a great weekend, my fellow travelers!

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