Wyatt Earp statue to be unveiled

An eight-foot bronze statue will be unveiled in Tombstone. The statue was completed by master sculptor, Tim Trask, who works out of A Gallery of Dreams, his family’s gallery in St. David, just south of Benson.

Tim Trask sculpts Wyatt Earp's likeness

Tim Trask sculpts Wyatt Earp

The statue, titled “Stepping into Legend,” will be unveiled at 2:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 14. It shows Earp poised to take that first stride toward the notorious O.K. Corral and the famous Old West gun battle. The event will take place at the Wyatt Earp House and Gallery, located at 102 E. Fremont St.

The Earp family will be represented at the event by Ralph N. Earp from Pennsylvania. Steve Vermillion of Missouri will appear for the “Federal Posse.” Wild West History Association founding president, Bob McCubbin, will be called upon to address the audience. Terry “Ike” Clanton will be asked to say a few words on behalf of “The Cowboys,” including The Notorious Clanton Clan.

A limited-edition 22-inch bronze replica of “Stepping into Legend” will be available at the event. Only 30 of the bronze macquettes (replicas) will be produced. More than half have been purchased already.  

For more information about the statue, please call The Gallery of Dreams at 520-720-2649 or email agalleryofdreams@yahoo.com.

About the Wyatt Earp House and Gallery: The lawman’s original home, tiny by today’s standards at only 378 square feet, has been restored by owners Jim and Liz Allen. Today, it is open to the public and houses a fine art gallery. It is located at 102 E. Freemont Street in Tombstone. Visit the website for more information on the home’s restoration.

Visit the Cochise County website for more Old West and ranching history.

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