Happy Thanksgiving!

Ahhh. I love Thanksgiving. Turkey? Meh. It’s the dressing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce that makes Thanksgiving for me. I’ll have a little bit of turkey to get some protein in, but I gravitate to all the fixin’s! A couple of years ago, I headed down to Bisbee and had Thanksgiving at the Copper Queen Hotel. They had a buffet loaded with yummy stuff, and they’re having dinner this year, too.

What are you doing after the feasting day? If you’re traveling in southern Arizona Thanksgiving weekend, you might want to check out some of the sights and events in Cochise County. See my last post for events.

A couple of other things you can do:

If your turkey was too tough to eat, maybe you should visit the “town too tough to die.” Tombstone is a great place to visit for a taste of the Old West. Check out Boot Hill Cemetery, the Western Heritage Museum and Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park. Walk the boardwalk sidewalks and duck into one of the saloons that Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday frequented.

Take a trip over to Gammons Gulch in Cascabel, near Benson. I like to describe this attraction as the “Antiques Roadshow on steroids.” Owners Jay and Joanne Gammons have recreated a Western town and loaded it with authentic memorabilia and artifacts from the Old West. They’ve even brought entire buildings!

Amerind Foundation Museum. Photo courtesy of Cathy Murphy

Amerind Foundation Museum. Photo courtesy of Cathy Murphy

The Amerind Foundation Museum is a great place to explore. It’s in Dragoon, a little hamlet between Benson and Willcox. Next door is the Triangle T Guest Ranch. They can arrange horseback rides and you can hike in Texas Canyon, a beautiful spot with gigantic boulders.

John Slaughter Ranch. Photo courtesy of Cathy Murphy


John Slaughter Ranch. Photo courtesy of Cathy Murphy

John Slaughter Ranch near Douglas is the ranch that was owned by a small, tough man. Once the Cochise County sheriff, Slaughter was responsible for cleaning up some of the Wild West. He built a ranch in the midst of what is now called the San Bernardino Wildlife area. A natural spring on the ranch makes it incredibly lush for being in the desert. This is a great place for a picnic. You could bring leftover turkey sandwiches and enjoy the beautiful setting!

Check out Coronado Vineyards in Willcox. Chef Gary will cook if you don’t want to have leftovers on Friday night. Visit Bisbee or Sierra Vista to do some Black Friday shopping!

These are just a few ideas. Cochise county is bigger than the state of Connecticut, so there are plenty of places to explore. If you can’t make it this weekend, get a free visitors guide and plan a trip soon.

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  1. Kurt

    “Checkout Coronado Vineyards in Willcox. …”

    “Holiday Hours
    “Closed Thanksgiving Day November 26, 2009”

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