Cochise Stronghold sunset

Friday afternoon, my friend Michelle and I hiked just a bit in Cochise Stronghold in the Coronado National Forest. We only had time to hike for about an hour. After we finished, we were heading into Willcox for dinner. We saw this sunset in the rear view mirror.


Cochise Stronghold sunset

Cochise Stronghold sunset

The photo was taken as we headed east on Ironwood Road. I snapped it with my cell phone camera, so it doesn’t do it justice. Next time I’ll make sure my camera is charged properly!

This place is called Cochise Stronghold because the great Apache leader, Cochise, used to hide out among the gigantic boulders. Once you get on the trail, you can imagine how he could have found some great places to hide!

The trail is in Cochise County, about 90 minutes from Tucson. It’s a great hike, and if you time it right, you might get to witness a great sunset like we did!


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2 responses to “Cochise Stronghold sunset

  1. ellen backy

    This is a lovely photo, cell phone or not. I visited there many years ago, and have a lot at the Sun Sites. I had hoped to retire to Bisbee, but as yet have not made it. I am still somewhat hopeful to go back to the beautiful area that has been on my mind for over 35 years. I write now, and it is of great inspiration to me. Thanks for the look at what is still in my heart.

  2. tourcochisecounty

    Thanks for the compliment, Ellen. Good luck on your retirement plans!

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