AZ State Parks: Kartchner Caverns, Tombstone Courthouse face budget cuts

Last year I wrote a post about Kartchner Caverns that has been popular of late.

One of the reasons?

There is such a hullabaloo in Arizona right now on the state budget, and the state legislators are considering taking funds from the State Parks budget to fill the gap.

This has prompted lots of talk about closing parks that are in rural communities. It’s a shame, really, because these parks offer recreation, history, camping and so much more. Kartchner Caverns itself is such a treasure, but it could face closing on certain days of the week.

Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park has gone  from being open daily to opening only 5 days a week. It is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The economy and the state budget mess has not been kind to Arizona. Subsequently, our State Parks are nearly under siege. Funds seem to be fair game for whittling away the deficit our state lawmakers are facing (and have faced for months).

At any rate, the parks are among the highlights of Cochise County. Tombstone Courthouse has a courtroom that looks much the same as it did back in the late 1800s, and there are loads of exhibits that give you a sense of what life was like in Tombstone. I recommend a visit to the Tombstone Courthouse. It’s only a $4 entrance fee for now. Thier fees might go up to $5 soon, but it’d still be worth it!

If you haven’t been on one of Kartchner’s tours, I highly recommend you go. It is such a cool place! I went last year with my fiance and his daughter, and we had a great time! We also went to Tombstone, Fairbank ghost town (which is on BLM land next to the San Pedro River) and Sierra Vista that weekend.

You can book a tour at Kartchner by calling 520-586-2283. Find out more about the Tombstone Courthouse by visiting the Tombstone Courthouse website.

Other communities in Cochise County include Benson, Bisbee, Douglas, Sierra Vista, Tombstone and Willcox. Visit Cochise County’s Tourism website or click on any of the communities above for more information on things to do and where to stay.


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