Fresh beer at Old Bisbee Brewing Company

On March 14, 2010, freshly brewed beer started flowing on Brewery Gulch. It happened at the Old Bisbee Brewing Company on the corner of Brewery and Review Avenues in Bisbee. Dale Fountaine and Victor Winquist partnered to produce fresh beer after research in England’s brew pubs and across America. They’ve have taken their cues from the great beers they sampled.

The Tap Room in the Old Bisbee Brewing Company. Photo (c) Victor Winquist

Winquist says that brewing great beer is much like brewing a great cup of coffee. Just as coffee tastes better if you use fresh beans, so does beer tastes better if you brew with fresh hops. So fresh hops it is for the 7 beers Winquist and Fountaine produce.

Old Bisbee Brewing Company consists of two buildings that sit side by side. Beer is made in one building, and flows through to the adjacent tap room.

You can sign up for their mailing list at or call the brewery at 520-432-BREW (2739).

So raise a glass and enjoy a brew the next time you’re in Bisbee!

For more info on things to see and do in Bisbee, visit the Bisbee Visitor Center website. For surrounding communities and other things to do, visit the Cochise County website.

The brewing room at Old Bisbee Brewing Company. Photo (c) Victor Winquist


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  1. I’ve tried the Scottish red ale, the Copper Queen and the root beer. I was quite pleased with all of them. I think it’s great that there’s one non-alcoholic brew for those who don’ wish to imbibe alcohol but do wish to enjoy the ambiance and the company of friends. Congratulations to a great new Bisbee business. Larry Elkins – Elkinsphotos Fine Art Photography

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