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In Aug. 2008, we sponsored a contest and gave away gas cards. Here are the comments we received about travel to Cochise County.

Thanks to all who participated. Our contest is now over. Check back for other promotions in the future.

OK, we know gas prices are still high. But we still want you to come visit!

Have you always wanted to come to Cochise County, but haven’t made it? Did you come to Cochise County and enjoy it? If so, we’d love to know about it!

Share your story, and enter to win a $50 gas card. Your comments will be posted here. It’s that simple!

So, fill out a simple form and tell us why you want to come to Cochise County or share your favorite experience in the county. Once you’ve posted your “story,” we’ll enter you automatically in a drawing for a $50 gas card. (Don’t worry, we won’t post your address, e-mail address or other personal information.)

Each week in August, we’ll draw a winner (drawings will be held Aug. 8, 15, 22 and 29). To be eligible for each week’s drawing, submit your answers by 11 a.m., Mountain Standard Time on Friday. Later submissions will be entered in the following Friday’s drawing. If you win, we’ll send you the gas card.

Click here to enter! When you’re finished, don’t forget to tell us your favorite Cochise County memory or tell us why you want to visit.

Fine print: We respect your privacy and will NEVER sell your contact information. We do need it to send you a prize if you win!


33 responses to “Visitor comments

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  2. Naomi Torpey

    Though I have lived in Arizona for many, many years, visiting this website has made me realize just how much I have missed by not exploring Cochise County and experiencing its rich and colorful history and natural beauty. I need to exit the interstate and travel off the beaten path. Next stop for me will be Bisbee!

  3. B. Sperduti

    I took my 10-year-old daughter for a weekend trip to explore Cochise County last Spring. She and I both really appreciated the town’s character, the arts, and the easy access to hiking.

  4. Heather

    Chiricahua National Monument is one of my favorite lesser-known spots in the state. The scenery and the hoodoos are absolutely amazing!

  5. Diane

    I just moved to Arizona a year ago. Cochise County is top on our list of places to visit because it is so beautiful and we’ve hear many wonderful things from neighbors who’ve been there.

  6. philip reed

    While my daughter visited a friend in Albuquerque, my 16 year old son and I explored Tombstone. One of the highlights was our ghost town tour with Into the West Tours. We saw real Cochise country, ranches, took the old stagecoach road and received a perspective most tourists don’t get. I can’t wait to return because I know there is much more to see.

  7. Rebecca

    My husband and I are planning to visit Cochise County this fall. We are very excited about this trip because of all the “old west” history in that area. We love to watch movies about Billy the Kid, the OK Corral, Geronimo, etc. I’m sure it will be awesome to see the locations in person.

  8. Jim Turner

    I have visited many of the history museums in Cochise County, but my favorite place is the Singing Wind Bookstore.

    About two miles north of Benson on Ocotillo Road, this bookstore in a ranch house is the most incredible experience. I have been to book signings and poetry readings there, and I always find some wonderful book I did not even know I needed.

  9. tourcochisecounty

    It’s great to see so many nice memories about the county and plans to visit our area. We really love Cochise County and are glad to hear you do too. Thank you for your comments!

  10. Anderson

    The best hiking and camping in Arizona is in the Chiricahua National Monument!

  11. jantravlz

    Though we have lived in Prescott for 18 years, we never got around to visiting the Karchner Caverns near Benson until last year. What a treasure! They are simply beautiful and worth every penny of the admission fee. These are caverns not to be missed–by locals or visitors. I recommend them to everyone.

  12. Last year we ventured to the lesser known area of wonder that is southeastern Arizona. A stay in Willcox was our base for a weekend hiking adventure to Chiricahua Nat’l Monument and Cochise Stronghold & Ft Bowie, as a 36 year resident of Arizona & NAU alum I have traveled through-out the state however I was really taken by the splender of nature afforded by the recreational opportunities offered in Cochise County. We plan future adventures to Sierra Vista Bisbee and of course Tombstone in the future.

  13. Sue

    Kartchner Caverns is the most spectacular place I have ever visited. Bisbee is a very interesting place to walk and explore.
    Tombstone is so historical.

  14. My boyfriend and I planned a hiking trip to the Chiriachua National Monument area last fall and stayed in Wilcox. That was so spectacular and we loved all the different rock formations and hoodoos. The hiking was unbelievable. We have also visited the Karchner caverns and that is one site not to be missed. Our next stop is this fall to Tombstone. I have heard much about that area and can’t wait to see that town and all the history behind it. This is part of the state that we are now exploring more and more. Please keep up the good work on your Web site to promote the county.

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  16. Craig & Barb Thayer

    We visited Cochise County the first week in August for birdwatching and an escape from Chicago. The birding was fabulous and the weather was cooperative. We are already looking forward to our next visit!!!

  17. Ana

    After being in South Africa for 11 months, I just couldn’t wait to see the beautiful Huachuca Mountains and the bright sun the lights up the dusk with many different hues…there are no sunsets like these!!! Believe me, I’ve been to the other side of the world and the Sierra Vista view still takes my breath away.

  18. Ana

    After an 11 month trip to South Africa, I could not wait to see the Huachuca Mountains and the sunsets where I feel God’s wooing. The hues offered at dusk with the mountains as the opening act are breathtaking….believe me, I’ve been to the other side of the world and couldn’t wait to see the Sierra Vista backdrop once more!

  19. Casa de San Pedro has been a favorite summer get away since I moved to Tucson five years ago. We relish the time spent in the quiet country surrounding the bed & breakfast. Hikes along the river or in Ramsey Canyon with it’s lush surroundings and afternoon trips into Bisbee for antiquing or sampling the fare in one of their excellent restaurants makes Cochise County one of the most desirable places to be when the summer sun get too hot in Tucson. Over the past several years I have introduced my private slice of heaven to friends and family both local and distant. I don’t think there is lovlier country anywhere in Arizona.

  20. alfromcal

    We enjoyed birding during our stay at Casa de Pedro last week. everyone we met was very friendly.

  21. I was in the leadership program with the Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce and we visited the Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast. I fell in love with the place. Since we were unable to take a long vacation this year, we went there for the weekend and had a wonderful time. I live and Sierra Vista, Cochise County and love it. I love the weather, I love the birds and I love the climate. I have never seen so many hummingbirds in any other part of the world.

  22. Allen & Janet Foreman

    We love Cochise County!! So many places to see & go to. We love the drive south from Willcox through Kansas Settlement. Tombstone has so many intresting stores. Bisbee is a favorite too. We are looking forward to seeing the new upgrade at the Historical Museum. When company comes in Sept. guess where we will are going? Cochise County!
    Happy Trails.

  23. Maria P.

    Ever since I was in my twenties (long ago!), I dreamed of taking a long road trip out west. I want to see the beautiful mountains, deserts, bluest of skies, eagles…you get the idea – the ‘real’ west. I have yet to achieve that dream, but I WILL. And now that I have seen some of what you have to offer in Cochise County, well it just makes me that much more determined to get out your way. Hopefully very soon.

  24. J. Wells

    Came as a visitor to see the winter birds and moved here. No more beautiful place in the world. Cochice’s Last Stand, Skeleton Canyon, Ft. Howe a must for you history buffs. Wildlife is just around the corner. Bring your binoculars and a camera and time of the year.

  25. J. Wells

    I came only to visit, to see the birds and the sights. That was 4 years ago and I stayed. What a treasure. Such bounty. Bring your binoculars and a camera. Sturdy shoes a must and enjoy Cochise County. Favorites include White Water Refuge and Cochise Last Stand.

  26. E Michael

    Oh to escape the heat..and the hustle and bustle of Phoenix to escape back to the days of yesteryear in Cochise County. The pace is a bit slower, the people more friendly, the climate extraordinary and, dog gone it, I have never had a bad time visiting Bisbee. Always a fun memorable experience awaits me.

  27. J. Scott Stehly

    I am an Arizona native. Unfortunately, I have spent the majority of my time in Northern Arizona (not that the north isn’t nice too..). Imagine my surprise, the first time I rolled through that tunnel and entered this little utopia called Bisbee. Everywhere you look, there is something magical going on. Each time we visit I can’t help but relax, enjoy, and smile.

  28. Robin Winters

    We visit southeastern Arizona a couple of times a year to enjoy the mountains, rivers, birds, cooler temperatures (than Phoenix) and friendly birders we meet from all over the country. On top of it all is our favorite B & B–Casa de San Pedro. It is always a treat to come to Cochise County!

  29. Irma

    The only time I was ever in Arizona, it was just a one night lay-over. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see any of the sights. I really want to visit Cochise County, as well as many other sights Arizona has to offer. I feel like I am missing alot of beauty and definitely need to try to get back there for a vacation.

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  31. Rachel

    When I was younger, we traveled the state seeing small towns all the time. Unfortunately, I was a kid and never quite appreciated it. Would love to get back, especially to Bisbee, so I can truly appreciate my home state.

  32. Rick D.

    I’ve never been out west. I’ve been reading your site and decided I need to get there. It’s too late for this year’s vacation, but I am putting my family vote in for next year. Looking forward to seeing all the nooks and crannies in your area – not just the usual tourist stuff.

  33. 2 Words……..Arizona’s History!!