Rex Allen Days 2010 in Willcox, AZ

Western fun, Willcox style! Each year, Rex Allen Days honors Willcox’s hometown hero, Rex Allen, who became famous as a singer, cowboy movie star and narrator for Walt Disney Productions.

Rex Allen (Photo courtesy of the Rex Allen Museum, Willcox, Ariz.)

Special guest stars at this year’s Rex Allen Days will be music stars, Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers fame, and Johnny Western. The Cowboy Hall of Fame kicks it off. The 2nd Annual Western Legends Award will be presented this year. Other activities include a parade, rodeo, General Orlando B. Willcox International turtle race, cowboy dances and country music concerts. 

Details: Admission varies per event. Contact the Willcox Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture at 520-384-2272 or the Rex Allen Museum at 520-384-4583, for more information.

Do you remember Rex Allen? Are you sure? If you’re of a certain age (say 40s or older), you might have heard of him even if you don’t recognize his name. He was the narrator of Disney for years in the 60s and he was the narrator of the 1973 animated film, Charlotte’s Web. So you probably have heard of him.

View a clip from a Walt Disney show, “Yellowstone Cubs“. Do you remember those wholesome Disney shows? I do! I looked forward to Sunday evenings in front of the TV with Mom and Dad and my sisters and brother. For me, it really was a “Wonderful World of Disney”!


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2 responses to “Rex Allen Days 2010 in Willcox, AZ

  1. Thanks , you should have a share , place so we could put it all on face book , I have made up my own event to share for Rex Allen days . did not see any thing in the papper for the time the parade started now I know after all these years 57yrs , Well lets , have a good old time .laugh , sing & be marry . Cheryl Amalong Johnson. now I see it DAWWWWW

  2. tourcochisecounty

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for your comment. Glad you saw it!

    FYI: This blog is no longer updated (we’ve switched to a blog that’s on, but you might want to check the Rex Allen Days website or the website for the Rex Allen Museum website. On Facebook, you can find a page for the Willcox Chamber of Commerce: and the Cochise County Tourism Council:

    Have a great time at the 2011 Rex Allen Days!

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